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BEAT SABER HAS ARRIVED!! And to Celebrate we'll be having a Tournament from 6pm - 10pm August 17th, entry will be $15 /person per-register or $20 /person at the door.(Maximum of 40 people)


We'll be having 4 stations setup with JUST Beat Saber and will be handing

out Prizes to the top 3 Winners.


How does the Tournament work? Simple, it's a Beat Saber Tournament so the song we'll be using is "Beat Saber", the level you compete in is entirely up to you though, we'll be awarding a winner for the Normal, Hard and Expert levels so everyone has a chance, you'll be given 3 opportunities with your Highest Score being the one counted and you can only win one difficulty!!


Do you stick with Normal and hone your technique over your 3 attempts or do you push yourself and risk not completing the level and not getting a score?!


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