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Turnkey VR solutions and spaces.

Why Let That Space Sit Empty?

THE Experiences

An immersive game launcher, custom VR controller tutorial, and an online scheduler that connects with your payment system.

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remote Support

Remote station management, game launching and content distribution for location-based VR.

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Content licensing, remote station management, online scheduling, integrated payments.

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Time tracking, in-depth analytics, and online station management

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Why Let That Space Sit Empty?


Take your vacant space and – presto! – make it “So Much More".  

VelocityVR SPACES is the most comprehensive turnkey VR solution. We have a wide assortment of VR Games and Experiences that will leave all who play truly impressed.
VelocityVR SPACES offers fun for all age groups from children to adults. 


We have pioneered the first completely turnkey VR kiosk, with an immersive VR experience system for commercial-grade applications. This leading-edge technology allows businesses to delight and entertain customers, while providing solutions to clientsworldwide. Users simply slip on the VR headset and experience virtual environments where imagination leads to infinite possibilities. 



Add new revenue stream


Our attraction management platform, is designed from the ground up. Our systems facilitate amazing experiences which cannot be duplicated by in-home consumer virtual reality platforms. Emphasizing turnkey installation, easy-operation and owner profitability. The VelocityVR SPACES kiosk utilizes commercial-quality technology which offers the ultimate virtual reality attraction.


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