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Stag Party Package 

Stag parties consist of diverse groups with varying tastes. That can make it difficult to find a suitable activity. However, VR Gaming at VelocityVR Spaces is very diverse. There are different types of games on offer. For example:

  • Shooters, Beerzooka(100oz)

  • Food

  • Adventure / exploration games

  • Sports games

  • …and much more.

This variety of games ensures that every VR Gaming experience is different than the last. Our staff can advise you in choosing the right games. Of course, we also help you out with the VR headset and controlling the games. We do everything to ensure that every player has a memorable and pleasant game experience.



VR Gaming is the perfect activity for a stag party. You can play in teams and it has fun, humor and excitement. This activity the groom will not soon forget, nor will the rest of the group. But how does VR Gaming work? On this page you learn more about the concept, how many people can join and what’s possible.



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